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Monthly Madness: Original Fic

It's time for another Original Fic post! How are all our orig fic writers doing? This month I thought I'd ask if any of you would like to share something you'd written with us, be it full story, chapter or small excerpt.

no title

And as a question for discussion, I'd like to ask if you use a beta reader for your own stories or do you post as is, that is if you're posting fic. If you're aiming for publication, do you test your fic out on readers, have a beta reader, or just send it off to publishers? perhaps you do something else entirely? Also, what do you expect from a beta reader in original fic - the same sort of concrit/catching of typos/spelling, grammar & punctuation advice you'd expect from fandom beta readers, or something different altogether?

Title: Objects of Desire 7: Courting Danger

Word Count: 4250 words

Warnings/disclaimers: This is a work of original fiction, featuring characters of my own creation. Any similarities to real people are unintentional. Please do not copy or recreate any of this story without permission. There will be m/m interactions and relationships featured throughout the story, and some references to f/f and f/m relationships (of varying degrees) also, although sex scenes are not explicit.

Author's Notes: This story is un-beta'd, so apologies for any errors I haven't removed. If anything stands out to you, please let me know so I can fix it, and this includes plot-holes or omissions. Concrit and discussion is always welcome; flaming and complaints without possible solutions are not. Most mysteries will be explained in later chapters and I will hopefully cover any questions you may find yourself having in due course. But please feel free to ask me if you think I should cover more than I have, or even say a little less. Apologies for the delays in posting chapters.

Story Notes: This is a continuation of a story I began a while ago, featuring a futuristic Earth after a cataclysmic set of events has left most of the world inhospitable and uninhabited.

Two countries arose from the ashes of the world we know: Aumethia and Guaya. Women are rare due to a genetic disease that affects females more than males, and are therefore protected and revered in both nations. Breeding is selective and controlled by women, and men only have contact with them when necessary.

Men therefore live mostly without women, but as trading only began between the two countries within the last fifty years, they have quite different customs regarding how they cope with this.

This world no longer has much of the current technology we take for granted; there is no internet, no television, no air travel, and little in the way of international communication other than to travel between the two continents by sea.

In this story, a small delegation of Guayans have recently arrived on Aumethian soil to further trade negotiations and exchange ideas and strategies to move forward into the future.

Previous Chapters:

1. Delegation | 2. The Water Converter | 3. Planning the Expedition | 4. Conception | 5. The Journey Begins | 6. Speculations

This Chapter: 7. Courting Danger - As Shaxar’s team get closer to the last city outpost, he finds his attraction to Dio more and more distracting. A discovery at the outpost has them all concerned.

So c'mon out, anyone who writes or would like to write orig fic; this is your safe place! And I'd just like to offer up a general reminder to all our members here, though I know most of you are already on board with this: please remember that no criticism should be offered unless you have a constructive comment on how it could be fixed; 1_million_words has a strict policy of being polite and helpful in all interactions with other members - personal attacks and insults are not welcome here, nor in outside contact with members that may have originated at the comm. Thank you for adhering to this; we do take this seriously as we know there are many places on the internet where flaming and intolerance are rife. WE ARE NOT ABOUT ANY OF THAT.
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