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Weekend challenge will bring you many words. (In bed)

Who can guess what the theme is this weekend? Heh.

I have a database of fortune cookie sayings from a wholesaler of said crunchy treat and I'm not afraid to use it! Note : since I'm one of those people who goes through my cookies with increasingly irate yells of "This is not a fortune!" I have chosen to filter the list of thousands down to those including the word "will", in an effort to save us all that spectacle.

So, reply with either 'Dine in!' or 'Delivery!' and you will get your prompt(s). The catch? If you dine in, you get one fortune, but it's all yours. Other folks are politely asked to hold off on any bunnies it may spawn at least until the weekend is over and you've had first crack at it. If you choose delivery, you may request 2 or 3  fortunes, but, like obnoxious housemates everywhere, others in search of words may nab them right out of the little plastic bag, as they pretend to look for that super hot mustard you don't like anyway. Luckily, unlike the cookies, sharing doesn't stop you from using prompts too. (Or sneaking some out of their bag after you ask for the extra chopsticks.)

As always, anyone who creates words or images over the weekend may request a drabble with a prompt of your choosing, and I will do my best to deliver. (My main fandoms are BtVS, H50, SG1/A and AtLA, but I am willing to take a shot at anything Marvel or Star Wars.)
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