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G is for Giles

Title: In Faith's Hands
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Character/Pairing: Giles/Faith, mentioned Angel/Buffy and Oz/Willow
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: 1_million_words Rainy Days and Mondays: The Monday After "It", ABC Challenge: G, and Flash Challenge: What's so funny? and in honor of nekid_spike's mini naked guest for April: one of my all time favorite bad ass women, Faith
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,321
Date Written: 7 April, 2016
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Whedon, not the author, and are used without permission.

She wants what Buffy has. The thought's been whispering around in her brain for nights now, and when it's not whispering, it's practically screaming. The pretty, perky Slayer doesn't realize how damn good she's got it with not only a mother and friends who love her and will do anything for her but a Watcher who genuinely cares about her and a pretty decently hot boyfriend, as well. She'd gladly take any part of that package in a heartbeat, but she knows it's never going to happen for her. She's done the parent thing, and she's tried the friends, Watcher, and boyfriend, too. None of it's for her.

But when she happens into the school library late one Friday night, making a beeline for a certain weapon she's noticed in the Water's armory and taken a liking to and sees the Watcher himself, Faith stops in her tracks. The tip of her tongue touches the top of her mouth, and she grins, dark eyes lighting up. She hasn't caught the old man by himself before, and although he is old, he's not bad to look at. Age, she knows from her own experiences, also has its advantages.

She slows her pace to a quiet prowl and watches him carefully turning this way and that as he leafs through one of his numerous, ancient books. She watches him as he pauses to lift a cup to his lips, and her instincts tell her that isn't coffee in that cup. The old Ripper's letting himself have a little fun tonight, or maybe, and more likely, she admits to herself, taking the edge off of his worry. There's Scotch in that cup, or she's a virgin. She almost laughs aloud at that thought, but she doesn't want to give away her own advantage.

Slowly, quietly, she prowls closer, watching his every move. The wheels in her mind are spinning fast. She knows she could fuck this up major, but she just doesn't care any more. Besides, if worse comes to worst, if they do run her out of their little pack, the worst that can happen is she'll be alone again, and Hell, she already feels alone even when she's surrounded by Buffy and her little, do-gooder club.

Her mind made up, Faith blazes into the librarian's office. "Faith," Giles asks, looking up in surprise, "what . . . " She snatches the book from his hand and tosses it to the side. She grabs his tie and laces it through a few fingers, snatching his mouth down to hers as she does so. Her free hand thrusts up into his salty gray hair as her nose bumps and slightly lifts his spectacles.

Her tongue dives into his mouth and is met swiftly with his own. She steps closer, grinding against him and deepening their kiss. She grins wickedly against his mouth when she hears him gasp slightly, but then he's the one turning the tables on her. In one swift, solid movement, he picks her up, swings her around, and sits her on top of his desk. She doesn't hesitate in wrapping her long, muscular legs around him and drawing him closer.

Her left hand loosens his tie while the fingers of her right hand toy briskly with his hair. She tosses the tie away and lets him feel the pulse in her palm against his bare neck before tangling those fingers, too, in his hair that's now taken on a somewhat spiky look. She pulls him closer, still kissing him hard, hungry, ravenous . . . He moans again, and she moves the direction of her fingers from his hair to the buttons of his trouser.

"Giles!" The Watcher breaks apart with a breathless gasp that almost sounds afraid to Faith's ears at his Slayer's exclamation. Faith smirks, not releasing him until Giles literally pushes her away. Still, her smirk doesn't fall, especially when she sees that Buffy's jaw has fallen.

She hops down off of his desk and prowls around him, shooting her smirk at B. "I'll catch ya later, G," she says and pops his ass before prowling out of his office and leaving Buffy and her Watcher both sputtering. Even the little blonde's Vampire boyfriend, who so rarely speaks, is clearly shocked. Faith laughs to herself, feeling their shocked eyes boring into her back, as she prowls onward into the night. This town may be B's, but this night is totally hers.


It's Monday evening before Faith sees any of the little Brat Pack again. She smirks her whole way through their little meeting. She smirks at the way Buffy glowers at her, like she's a child worrying Faith might steal away one of her toys. She smirks at the way the Vampire deliberately avoids any eye contact at all with her. Most of all, she smirks at the way Giles stammers every time he looks in her direction and at how high he jumps when he foot slides over his socked ankle underneath the table.

The Watcher doesn't sit down again at the table. He paces throughout the rest of their meeting that has something to do about saving the world again. Faith is so tired of saving the world, and of saving asses that mean absolutely nothing to her. She just wants to have a little fun, and the more she watches the old man, the more certain she grows, and the hotter too, in her belief that he is plenty capable of providing her with the fun.

She hears the little redhead whispering to her best friend about her. She shoots a smirk her way, silencing the child who shouldn't even be involved. She couldn't fight a Vampire if her life depended on it. She'd probably faint right now, Faith thinks, if B's Vamp put on his game face. The redhead would faint, the Boy Wonder would sputter, and the cheerleader would shriek and run. But it's the cheerleader who meets her gaze with an even coolness. "What's so funny?" Cordelia demands.

"You all are, Princess," Faith hits back, grinning. She jumps from the table, like she's ready for action, and she is. Talking never gets any damn thing done, and it's a waste of her time and talent. This whole group is a waste of her talent, except, maybe, for two.

She feels B's eyes on her again. She meets her gaze, still smirking. Part of her wants to ask if she's ready to make something of what she saw Friday night, but she doesn't waste time actually asking her. Her eyes challenge her enough as she throws out casually, "Enough talk. I'm gonna go find something to kill."

She walks with her usual man-eating pride, feeling every gaze in the small library on her. Even the wolf is watching her tonight. Boy, could she show him a thing or two, far more than that little redhead will ever have to offer, but she's not after him tonight. She walks pass the group, but instead of continuing to walk by them, when she reaches the head of the table, she springs.

There, in front of everybody, including B, who's back to sputtering again, she takes the Watcher. She grabs him. She dips him. She plunges her tongue into his mouth so hot, hard, and wild that by the time she lets him up for air, the old man literally has to hang on to the table to keep from collapsing. She doesn't say another word. She doesn't even laugh at B, who's busily sputtering but unable to form a single, coherent word, but her eyes are laughing as she walks out into the night, wild and ready for anything and finally again feeling a little bit of control over her own life. B better watch it, or she might just take everything she wants from her little town, including and starting with her Watcher.

The End
Tags: challenge: a to z, creation: fic

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