Lou (gottalovev) wrote in 1_million_words,

Help needed

Upon the lovely haldoor's suggestion, I'm asking for a favor...

I need a beta. It's mostly for grammar/spelling since English is my second language, but all suggestions are welcome.

It's for a Stargate Atlantis McShep fic made from fabulous art I chose from the sgareversebang. The story is NC-17 (explicit sex at the end), and just short of 20K words.

Roughly: Several years ago, John Sheppard flipped a coin and didn't go to Atlantis. Life continued and he eventually left the Air Force. He now works as a photographer. When the SGC makes the Stargate Program public, it's met with a lot of criticism. John is offered a job on Atlantis as a photographer, in a public relations operation. The story is about second chances and how John finds his home, his team, and love in the end.

The posting will be from April 11th to 14th, so I'd need it back by the 10th or so.

Help would be greatly appreciated! And I'll be very very grateful :)
Tags: exclaim: help!
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