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April 5+1 Challenge

Hey guys and welcome to April (I swear this isn't an April Fools Joke, scouts honour!)

I am incharge of running one of the challenges for you to complete this month and it is the 5+1 Challenge

I have decided to run this like it has done before so ...

Below the cut are 38 Five + One prompts which I have "borrowed" from various places. I have taken out the identifying information (character names, fandoms, information specific to fandom/character.)

NOW you get to claim one of the prompts. Post a comment with the prompt number you are claiming as your very own. Include as much or as little information as you want - the fandom, the characters, no info at all except the prompt number. If you want two prompts, claim them both. If none of the prompts floats your creative boat, let me know. I will try to come up with one that works for you. OR you can make up your own prompt. More than one person can claim the same prompt as well

SO - claim your prompt(s). Write!!! Create graphics!!!!! Post by April 30. Be rewarded! I am not putting any word counts or graphic limits on, create as much as you can (could be a good thing to do for part of the 100 in 100 challenge ... just a suggestion)

  1. Five times sex wasn't perfect, and one time it was.

  2. Five times ____ almost told ___ he/she loved him/her, and one time he/she did.

  3. Five times _____ saved strays, and one time ____ brought a stray home.

  4. Five times _____ slept at ____’s house/apartment/flat ,and one time he/she didn't.

  5. Five times ______ visited ______, and the one time she/he had to go to him/her.

  6. Five times ______ got lost in _____’s mind, and the one time _____ let him/her stay

  7. Five times _____ realized ____ wasn't a normal guy/gal, and the one time he/she decided it didn’t matter.

  8. Five times _____ said "we're not dating,” and the one time _____ said it instead.

  9. Five times _______ let someone think what they wanted about him/her, and one time it was the other way around.

  10. Five times ______ said “No,” and the one time she/he was finally able to say “Yes.”

  11. Five times _____ said “Why?” to ______, and the one time _____ didn't need to ask.

  12. Five time _______ said “Can I stay?” to _____, and the one time _____ didn’t need to ask.

  13. Five times ______ corrected _____’s grammar, and the one time he/she decided it didn’t matter.

  14. Five times ______ questioned _______, and the one time he/she already knew the answer.

  15. Five times _______ drunk texted ______, and the one time _______ drunk texted instead.

  16. Five times ______ gave ______ his/her coat, and one time he/she gave it back.

  17. Five times _______ catches _______ flirting, and the one time it's with him/her.

  18. Five times _______ told _______ to go f-themselves, and the one time he/she couldn't.

  19. Five times _______ accidentally said "I love you," and the one time _______ said it back

  20. Five times _______ was completely sloshed, and one time he/she wasn't.

  21. Five times ______ felt completely alone, and one time he/she knew he/she never would be.

  22. Five things ______ learned about _____, and the one she/he already knew.

  23. Five things _______ really really hates, and the one she/he really really loves.

  24. Five times _____ thought it kind of sucked _______, and one of the times it so totally rocked!

  25. Five times _______thought he/she was going to die, and one time he/she was sure wasn’t going to happen.

  26. Five times _____lied, and one time he/she didn’t even try.

  27. Five souvenirs _______ never wanted to get, and the one that he/she loves more than life itself.

  28. Five times ____ missed the target, and the one time he/she hit exactly what he/she meant to

  29. Five times that ______ fails at cooking for _______, and the one time he/she succeeds.

  30. Five times that ______ left ______ a note for when he/she wasn't around, and the one time he/she was there

  31. Five times someone thinks _____ and _____ are dating, and the one time there is no mistake.

  32. Five times ______ gave _______ a goldfish, and the one time ________ returned the favor.

  33. Five times ______ felt awkward sharing a hotel room with _______, and the one time it wasn’t awkward at all.

  34. Five times ______ wasn't where _______ left him/her and the one time he/she was.

  35. Five times ______ accidentally snuggled with someone other than _______, and the one time he/she snuggled with _____.

  36. Five times ______ realized _______ was beautiful, and one time she/he told _______ about it.

  37. Five times ______ and ______ attempt to spend Valentine's Day like a normal couple, and the one time they don't need to try.

  38. Five people who realized ______ was a badass, and the one person who knew all along.

Questions? Concerns? Confusion? Let me know!
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