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March Monday Madness!

Or well, maybe not. And since I'm late, let's just call it Monday, okay?

So, how did you do last month? Did you finish that WIP or hit your goal? Tell us how you did and maybe link us back to your work if you’ve posted it.

If you didn’t hit your goal, what was holding you up? Is there anything that we can help you out with?  It's why we're here after all.

My goals for last month:

Working on: Same Old Love, the latest installment in my Romani Detective series.
Month-end goal: To finish it!
Words/chapter/s/other per day/week/other: My goal is 500 words a day, that should get me through the last couple chapters by month end. It's my bingo fic, so this has to happen!

I finished my bingo fic! And although I've been dragging my feet, I have all but the very last chapter posted. It starts here if anyone is interested.

For this month, I want to talk about one of my favorite parts of writing original fiction: creating characters.

What are your favorite kinds of characters? I like a strong but quirky character. One that's a little left of center, but not completely helpless either. Nerdy, dorky characters are probably my favorite because I can relate to them the best.

Do you have certain things you like to see in your heroes/heroines? I much prefer intelligent or street-wise characters. They don't have to know it all, but they should know how to use what they have to the best effect. That doesn't mean they won't goof up here and there, because they will. Also, a sense of purpose, even in the bad guys. They have to truly believe in what they're doing or it just doesn't fly with me.

Is there something that you automatically love/hate in a character? I'm generally in the minority in regards to this, but I can't stand alpha males. Not dominant males, that I can deal with. But the kind of alphas that treat everyone as if they're lesser beings who aren't capable of making a decision without the alpha's input. There are instances where this doesn't bother me. For example, I read a novel about a thousand year old immortal who falls for a modern day woman. Was he an alpha of the worst sort? Of course he was. But, considering the time period he was born during, men had all the power. In situations like this, it makes me less annoyed when he tells the woman to hide while he fights the bad guy.

Do you have a specific process you go through when creating a character or do they just appear? For me, I usually wake up and find some stranger standing on my metaphorical porch, bags in hand, waiting for me to open the bed and breakfast. I don't know of a time I've ever needed to stop and create a character for some specific purpose, but I can see where it could be needed.

Tell us about your favorite original character and why you love them so much. I flip flop around with my characters so much it's ridiculous sometimes. I went from being obsessed with Travis to falling for Andrej and then I started digging in Ethan's past. But right now, my one true love is my cowboy cop, Zayne. He's a mess, a hot mess according to a certain someone, but he's embracing his messiness and trying to push forward and figure out what it is he really wants out of his life. Maybe it's because I'm in a similar spot in my own life that he's become so appealing. But maybe he's the one who needs the extra helping hand right now, too, and that's why he keeps calling to me. I might not ever know, but that's okay, too.

If there's something you'd like to see discussed here, let either H or I know so we can work it in. I know I'm floundering today so forgive this post its faults.
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