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Rainy Days and Mondays: Welcome to the new season of prompts!

With apologies to those for whom it's already Tuesday, here comes some Rainy Days and Mondays!

Welcome to a new season of writing prompts. Spring/Fall feels like the time for rainy days and fic with a touch of loving angst. The prompts won't always be literally rain inspired, but week one it seems right!

So here's your challenge: Write about your character remembering the best time they were trapped out in the rain….and the worst.

Are those moments related? Does the same person figure into them both? Did the bad experience lead the character to a place where (s)he was ready to build a better life - and thus, indirectly, lead to their best moment?

There are a lot of ways to go with this one: Maybe it's not all about memory - maybe the character is currently in that very best of places in the rain, but somehow…. the past will creep in to cloud it. Or they're at the end of their rope in the rain, when thoughts of those bests of time shine through and help them persevere - maybe even give them the courage to reach back out to the person they can't forget.

Good luck! Hope the prompt brings someone words, and hope the week treats you well!
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