kaige68 (kaige68) wrote in 1_million_words,

Monday and then some.

Hey there!

How are you all doing?

Things are still more than a little hectic here with the family issues that have been going on. I am horribly sorry that I’ve been so sparse, but it will continue for a bit longer.

That said we’ve been having some great challenges here! You’ve all been rocking so much!!! Weekend challenges have flooded my inbox. And Bingo was a massive success! WE ROCK!

AND THEN – We started the Mad Libs challenge this week! Which is going to be a blast, so go check it out and make some words/graphics! ‘Cause you can always do one more, right? RIGHT!!!

I know this is slap-dash, and I’m sorry about that, but come on in and tell me your plans to be awesome this week!
Tags: monday: accolades
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