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Weekend Challenge

This weekend for the challenge, you claim a number between 1 - 60 and I’ll give you a title for your story, or graphic – any fandom. First come, first serve. To make sure everyone who wants to play gets one, please choose only one to start (you may choose a second once your first is done), create for that, and if there is still time, you can have a second title (if there are any left). If you are in an extra-inspired mood and want to write more – you can borrow one of the titles I left in a comment to anyone else.

The titles are a mix between Marie Fredriksson and Roxette songs. I have taken some freedom in the translation from the Swedish titles of Marie’s songs. I can give you the Swedish title, so if you want some extra inspiration you can search for it at YouTube, Spotify or wherever you like to listen to music.

It would be great if anyone that makes graphics could help me make some rewards for those that take part. I’m not sure I can manage to write any words, so I would be grateful for the help. If you do make any rewards, please put ‘Reward’ in the subject line, so that I know the participant has received a reward, and so that I can thank rewarders too.

Comment here to receive, and then create!
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