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Comment Fic Friday

Hey everyone, who needs a break? I know I do, although that's from work, not writing - even though I just had three days off with a bad head cold - because I am waaaay behind on writing... Maybe I should try this one myself, this week!

banner-comment fic friday-med.jpg

The prompt this time around is:

"You're a pain in my ass!"

So drop now and give me... 700-800 words that will fit in a comment (or two, or else link to your fic if you get carried away and have to make it bigger!) and pop it in a reply here for everyone at the comm to read.

No time limits; any genre; any fandom (or an original fic if you wish).

And if you'd rather go graphic, how about 2-5 icons on the subject?
Tags: challenge: comment fic

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