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Two mini Bingo blackouts

THanks to whomever made the second extension! and as always MAJOR thanks to sharpiesgal

1MW bingo

1) Fireworks (Librarians, Jacob/Cassandra) 634 words
2) Vows of Love (Walking Dead, Daryl/Beth) 410 words
3) Moonshine (Walking Dead, Daryl/Beth) 154 words
4) Vacation (CSI: MIami/Hawaii Five-O crossover, Horatio/Steve) 1314 words

Kink Bingo Card

1) Kissing (CSI:Miami/Star Trek Enterprise xover, Horatio/Trip) 250 words
2) Gentle Touches (CSI:Miami/Star Trek Enterprise xover, Horatio/Trip) 262 words
3) Making Love (CSI:Miami/Star Trek Enterprise xover, Horatio/Trip) 1261 words
4) Romantic Setting ( The Librarians, Jacob/Cassandra) 441 words

for a grand total of 4,726 words

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