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BINGO: X-Men: Day of the Irish

Title: Day of the Irish
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Generation X (X-Men)
Character/Pairing: Banshee/White Queen, Boyo, Little Frostie, Jubilee, Husk
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: 1_million_words Bingo: Fluff #1: Anniversary/Four Leaf Clover/Relaxing Music
Warning(s): Slight AU
Word Count: 1,017
Date Written: 12 March, 2016
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Marvel Comics and Disney, not the author, and are used without permission.

"Look at that boy go!" Paige exclaims, laughing as they watch a multi-colored streak darting through the bright, blue sky. "If Ah didn't know bettah an' that was Mistah Cassidy, Ah'd say Miss Frost just agreed to marry him!"

"Nah. If that was Cassidy," Jubilee returns, "Frostie'd've just said she'd go out with him." The friends laugh, and the pop of Jubilee's gum echoes in the morning air.


The sounds of bagpipes fill Sean Cassidy's cabin. He puffs on his pipe while reading, but when he flips a page in his book, he's suddenly very much aware of the presence of eyes upon him. He looks up to his window, contemplating a possible attack, when he sees the freckle-faced kid grinning back at him. "Begorrah," he mutters around his pipe. The X-Babies have been with them for a year today, but too often, it's still like looking into a mirror.

Putting his book and pipe down, he crosses over and opens the window. "What can I di fer ye, Boyo?"

"It's nae what ye can di fer me, Mister Cassidy, sir. I jest wanted tae give ye this an' wish ye luck."

Sean takes the four leaf clover and looks puzzlingly down at the child's joyous, upturned face. "Luck fer what, Boyo?"

"Fer askin' Miss Frost out, o' course. Didn't ye tell me taeday's th' day?"

"Th' day fer what?" Sean asks, scratching his beard.

"Fer we Irish men gettin' what we want."

Sean closes his eyes. "Begorrah! I did say that, didn't I?"

"Aye, an' I knae it's Miss Frost ye be wantin', so when're ye askin' her?"

"I . . . I wasn't actually plannin' on it."

"So ye tell us kids to gi fer what we want, but then ye din't gi fer it?"

"It's very different, Boyo."

"It's not that different."

"Aye, it is."

"There she is now. I'll ask her fer ye, Mister Cassidy. Then ye din't have tae be afraid."

"Boyo!" Sean calls, but the lad's already gone, zipping through the sky. Sean flies after him. "BOYO!" he thunders. He's convinced the little brat can hear him, but begorrah, if he isn't ignoring him!

He catches up to him just as Boyo lights on the lawn before Emma and Little Frostie. "I don't understand," the blonde X-Baby is saying. "If you like them, why shouldn't you tell them?"

"Because," Emma replies with strained patience, "it gives them power over you."

"Oh, huh, top o' th' mornin' tae ye, Em! Boyo an' I were jest giin' fer a flight."

"No, you weren't," Little Frostie and Boyo speak at the same time.

"Aye, we were." Sean grabs Boyo's hand and starts to pull him away, but the lad's persistent.

"Jest gimme a minute. There's something I wanna ask Miss Frost first."

"What do you want to ask me, Boyo?"

"Naethin'. He does nae want to ask ye anythin', Em."

"Why don't you let the child speak for himself, Sean?"

"Because he's just tryin' tae get somebody in trouble, is all."

"Who?" Emma demands. "You?" She laughs at the look on Sean's face. "Why, Sean Cassidy, I wouldn't have thought you, of all people, would be scared of what a child can say about you!"

"He wants to ask you out."


"Frostie, I told ye nae tae be readin' other people's minds!"

"I didn't, sir. It's obvious from the way you two act around each other, but I'm afraid Miss Frost is going to say no not because she doesn't want to but because she doesn't want to give you power over her."

"Huh?!" Sean's gaze swivels back to Emma. His whiskered face is already turning as bright as his reddish blonde hair. "Would ye like tae tell me what she's talkin' 'bout, Em?"

"I was just giving her a lesson. Evidently, I need to deploy upon her a reminder of why she should mind her own business."

"But this is our business!" Boyo interrupts.

Emma's gaze is ice when she turns it upon the X-Babies, but Boyo doesn't back down. "How on Earth," she demands coldly, "is who I do or do not date any of your concern?"

Sean has to give the kid credit for courage as he juts out his chin and explains evenly, "Because we want ye both tae be happy."

Little Frostie's nodding briskly. "We do," she says, "and you're not happy apart."

"What makes you think we could possibly be any happier if we were dating?"

"Because we knae ye would be."

"Is it really giving him power over you, Miss Frost, if you go on the date admitting to you both how you really feel?"

"I . . . " Emma's mouth opens but shuts again, then opens and shuts another time. Her fury is screaming inside of her, but at the same time, she can't find the words to tell the child why she is so very wrong.

"Well, Em," Sean says, grinning, "they seem tae have left ye speechless. Nae many people can di that."

"Indeed," Emma sputters, but Sean's twirling the four leaf clover in his fingers and considering everything of which Boyo has reminded him today. It is the day of the Irish, and it's time for him to take what he's been wanting all these years. If Frostie is right, what does he have to lose any way, and if she's not . . . Well, he's going to end up admitting to Emma how he feels one of these days regardless, so why not when he's got the luck of the Irish and clover with him?

But she doesn't like soft men, he knows. He lifts his chin and meets her gaze evenly. "Pick ye up at seven?"

Boyo's shout of triumph lifts him off of the ground. He's doing circles in the air when he's joined minutes later by Sean Cassidy, whooping and hollering.


Jubilee's gum pops across her face. "I'll be damned."

"What? What is it?!" Paige asks, head snapping up from her book.

Jubilee points up at the sky, where Banshee and Boyo are now performing brisk, Irish jigs in the bright, blue air. "She must've said yes."

"It's about time," Paige agrees, and they both smile, happy to see their headmasters happy at last.

The End
Tags: challenge: bingo, creation: fic

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