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NEW fic: Tempest [Star Trek: Voyager, Janeway/Chakotay, NC-17]

This is part of my March Big Buddy goal and it is done finally! (side note to Kaige - and has now caught me up, since 566 words of the total were written in March!)

only took me two months to get right. but I'm happy with the end result. written for a friend who busted me for missing a major detail in an important episode and "ordered" me to write a fic as penance, LOL. I haven't written straight-out PWP in ages so this is almost like something "new",

semi-sorta fits this Slow Sated Sunday prompt if you squint, but not fully/officially. count if you like, or not, i'm not choosy ;)

read over at AO3.
Tags: challenge: big buddy, challenge: slow sated sunday, creation: fic

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