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The Darker Side : Serial Killer(s) AU

What happens when you turn a character from your favorite fandom into a serial killer? Disturbingly, sometimes very little. *eek* Some SKAUs are as simple and canon compliant as looking at a military, police or supernatural hunter character through a slightly different lens and asking "what if all those 'necessary' deaths are what (s)he's living for?" Others rewrite canon somewhat with a 'Dexter' like killer trying to channel the urges into something 'good', or go completely blood drenched AU in how the other characters come across the killer. The other half of an OTP may become an unknowing bystander, another victim, a morality pet who confuses the killer as much as them, or they might just be in it together.

So share your thoughts, prompts or fics on Serial Killer AUs for this month's Darker Side.
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