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Magnificent Monday!

Hey everyone, how's your Monday starting? Kaige asked me to post this week as she has a few things going on that are keeping her away. Mine's been pretty good, and I have great plans for the rest of the week.

I had a great Sunday's writing - managing 1545 words in a new chapter of an original fic I'd been ignoring for some time, so I'm feeling pretty good about getting more good words in before this week ends!

Later in the week I'm off to a celebratory dinner at my daughter's school - every year they take all the high achieving NCEA (New Zealand secondary school awards for the three senior years) students out for dinner and the parents pay to go along too, so I am very much looking forward to that! We haven't missed a year since my older daughter reached Year 11, as both girls have done well every year. This will be our last year for a bit as my second daughter is in Year 13 (her final year at high school), and it'll be a couple more before my son (hopefully!) qualifies.

So, what plans do you have to be awesome this week?
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