kahuna_burger (kahuna_burger) wrote in 1_million_words,

BINGO : One week left! (or is it?)

Hey, everybody. BINGO has been great and I'm thrilled at all the fills that have already been posted. Since we got a late start this month, we will have a late deadline as well. So if you claimed a card but haven't gotten around to putting the words down, remember the deadline is March 8th.

HOWEVER! *dramatic pause* The March monthly challenge is going to have a late start as well, so we could extend BINGO a little longer. Which means that if you've got a story itching to come out but aren't sure you will make it by next week, or if there is a whole second card you wish you had time to tackle, say so, and we can see about giving it an extra week. Either way, keep your eyes peeled for a roundup post so everyone can be in awe of how awesome we all are!
Tags: admin: reminders, challenge: bingo

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