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Weekend Challenge - Tell me a Tale

This weekend challenge you’ll have a chance to choose your character type (or several), their motivation (or motivations) and a character quality (or qualities) to weave into your story.  (character qualities might be good or bad depending on the randomiser)
You can choose up to THREE of each option.  So you could choose three characters, a motivation and two qualities.  Or no characters, a motivation and a quality etc etc

You can write in any fandom of your choice or write an original piece

**Fics - should be 200 words plus.
**For FanArt – at least two icons, one wallpaper or one GIF.

Your choices can be interpreted any way you wish to use them.   You may use one prompt or all of them in your fic, it’s up to you.
Characters/Motivations/Qualities will be chosen via a randomiser and you can request up to THREE of each.

I’m offering sigtags as rewards this time round.  Please post a link to this post to your submission and if you would like a sigtag of a particular fandom please post which fandom/character you would like.
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