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Monthly Madness: Original Fic

Hey everyone, it's time to talk about original fic. asphaltcowgrrl got us underway for 2016 here last month, so now it's my turn.

Here we are, a month on... and I personally, have not written a single word of original fic since last month. Now, I need some encouragement, and I'm sure some of you do too, so let's try this:

* Anyone who wants to write something original this month can join in
* Pick a goal or target for the month: 100 words, 1000 words, more, less; start something new, continue with something old, write a new ficlet in an existing 'verse
* Break your goal down into something like manageable chunks that work for you: 127 words a day, 700 words a week, 325 words every second day, a chapter a week, etc
* I'll post a few times over the month to see how you're doing
* Check in at any of the posts I make this month on original fic whenever you want, or make a post yourself at any time during the next month if you need help with something
* Next month I'll get asphaltcowgrrl to dedicate part of her post to how we all did
* And finally, post an extract (or all!) of what you write during or at the end of the month, and link it back to one of our posts on the challenge. (If you share it, the words can be counted in next month's total!)

I'll get us started:

Working on: My post-apocalyptic fic, Objects of Desire (link is to Part One, which is the only chapter currently unlocked, although the following five are posted - I'm happy to work something out if anyone did want to read them)
Month-end goal: Finish Chapter Nine, and post Chapter Seven
Words/chapter/s/other per day/week/other: I'll aim for 300 words a week, which would make a total of around 1200 words for the month, which is about what I think it will take to finish the chapter.

Now, your turn! ;-)
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