kahuna_burger (kahuna_burger) wrote in 1_million_words,

Weekend challenge : Your horoscope for today

Welcome to the weekend challenge! This week I'll be working from a couple of online astrology sites to give you prompts. So give me a sign (astrological sign, that is) or two and and I will provide a daily horoscope to inspire you. (I can get prior 'scopes too, so you won't get a repeat if your sign has been done.) Maybe your characters believe in them, maybe the opposite always happens. Or you may just find inspiration from the content without reference to the origin. In any case, if it produces words or images for you, I'll provide you with a H50, SGA or BtVS ficlet of your prompting, or a 100 some word memory of my beloved kitty as part of her memorial.

So hey, baby, what's your (or your character's) sign?
Tags: weekend: challenge
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