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Comment Fic Friday

Hi everyone, how's your week been? Need a break from longer fic and just want to finish off the week with something short and sweet? You've come to the right place!

banner-comment fic friday-med.jpg

Your prompt this time is:

Shaggy Dog Story

So, whether it's one of your favourite characters telling a slightly altered version of the truth to explain something slightly embarrassing they've done (or had given to them/lost/found/something else); perhaps someone doesn't quite believe the story someone else is telling; or even a story featuring an actual shaggy dog, give us a bunch of words that will fit into a comment (usually around 700-800 words, but for our purposes here, anything from a drabble to 1000 words would be great!).

No time limits; any fandom (or none); any genre; any character/s. Post or link your ficlet here when you're done! And if you're more graphically inclined, how about 2-3 icons with shaggy dogs on them? ;-)
Tags: challenge: comment fic
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