Kat Lee (katleept) wrote in 1_million_words,
Kat Lee

Daily Challenge to Haldoor

Thanks to bizarra for the tip off! I only got a tad over 1,000 words today, but that's saying a lot since RL is giving me trouble writing. Too much death, too much stress, two days without writing, one day with only 400 words, but today, a thousand, so it's definitely a plus. Further more, today is most likely the best day we've had since Daddy passed in September.

We got our vehicles decked out in the new decals and bumper stickers we gave each other for Christmas and Valentine's Day and Drew's birthday, and I finally came up with a reading program we've talked about doing for years. (A full book read means $4, or 4 credits, to spend on our own selves. It doesn't seem like much for some, but for us, it is.) Definitely a good day indeed, finally, and all this on four hours of sleep after working graveyard last night.

That's more'n enough rambling from me. Onward to haldoor and all the greatness she/he will accomplish!
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