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Thursday Tropes!

Time for a tear-jerker...for a trope of a prompt that plays all the heart strings!

Your prompt, should you take it on, is: Let's talk about all we could have been...

Write us a story in which your characters are dealing with a painful moment: The end of 'them' or any potential for 'them' to ever be.

Maybe it's interpersonal stuff that kept them apart all these years. They've been dancing around it, and now the team, the band, the firm, or the investigative unit is breaking up and moving on.

Or maybe it's more dire, like the two of them sitting on the flotsam and jetsam of a shattered world a-la Sam and Frodo in Mordor after the ring melted.

To steal a lyric from a Sir Paul song: "What about the night we cried, because there wasn't any reason left to keep it all inside...."

What do they say to each other? What happens next? Gah....

Of course, if sad endings are simply not for you then maybe that eagle shows up overhead, or unexpected funding arrives to save the day -- to save 'them' or at least the chance for them to be something more and ...yay! *Then* what happens next? ;)

Hope this draws out a fic, 'cause the Tropes have been on a perfect roll so far this season!!!

Good luck, and happy almost-the-weekend.

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