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Finally, BINGO cards are here!

Hi everyone! It's the post you've all been waiting for! Bingo cards are here! See this post for all the rules for Bingo, but feel free to ask any questions here if you're not sure about anything (or PM or email me; email address is in the other post).

Thank you to erinm_4600, craterdweller, fairyniamh and agdhani for making all the wonderful cards you see here (apart from one set made by yours truly! ;-P ) Didn't they all do fantastically? Thanks again; I really appreciate that you all came through so very quickly when we had a set-back. I hope you're feeling better soon, kahuna_burger!

And onwards, to the cards!

Graphics Large
Graphics-large photo Graphic-large_zpst2ksu0qr.png

Graphics #1
Graphics1 photo Graphic1_zpsokctzgc6.png

Graphics #2
Graphics2 photo Graphic2_zpshtioj87e.png

Graphics #3
Graphics3 photo Graphic3_zpsiuenlcu4.png

Graphics #4
Graphics4 photo Graphic4_zpsj0wqbvzh.png

Graphics Mini #1 & #2
Graphics-Mini1 photo Graphic-Mini1_zpswumbj216.png Graphics-Mini2 photo Graphic-Mini2_zpsmajxry4x.png

Hurt Large
Hurt-large photo Hurt-large_zps5bmjionq.jpg

Hurt #1
Hurt1 photo Hurt1_zps4crfiscq.jpg

Hurt #2
Hurt2 photo Hurt2_zpsnubekcro.jpg

Hurt #3
Hurt3 photo Hurt3_zpsdrlxvv84.jpg

Hurt #4
Hurt4 photo Hurt4_zpsjt8adty4.jpg

Hurt #5
Hurt5 photo Hurt5_zpskhdnnqrf.jpg

Hurt Mini #1 & #2
Hurt-Mini1 photo Hurt-Mini1_zpsaqpzmg9c.jpg Hurt-Mini2 photo Hurt-Mini2_zpsx0zopfwh.jpg

Hurt Mini #3 & #4
Hurt-Mini3 photo Hurt-Mini3_zpsvfwg2nse.jpg Hurt-Mini4 photo Hurt-Mini4_zpsqcrmoy6o.jpg

Kink Large
Kink-Large photo kink25_zpsomz6bg0e.jpg

Kink #1
Kink1 photo kink9a_zpsucgs26c0.jpg

Kink #2
Kink2 photo kink9b_zpsfaqeawcw.jpg

Kink #3
Kink3 photo kink9c_zps6kiiiele.jpg

Kink #4
Kink4 photo kink9d_zpsjwvqvham.jpg

Kink #5
Kink5 photo kink9e_zpsp5ah1vtv.jpg

Kink Mini #1 & #2
Kink-Mini1 photo kink4a_zpspxlu2v7g.jpg Kink-Mini2 photo kink4b_zpsfmyxl7gc.jpg

Kink Mini #3 & #4
Kink-Mini3 photo kink4c_zpsmd1rarws.jpg Kink-Mini4 photo kink4d_zpsthpvc9a4.jpg

Music #1
Music1 photo Songs1_zpsmatxhfc8.png

Music #2
Music2 photo Songs2_zpsfe5gofue.png

Music #3
Music3 photo Songs3_zpsgff7twby.png

Music #4
Music4 photo Songs4_zpsbnopwvsl.png

Music #5
Music5 photo Songs5_zpswpb9rsqq.png

Music #6
Music6 photo Instruments_zpstpz5gdnf.png

Music Mini #1 & #2
Music-Mini1 photo Songs-mini1_zpswy3aq00l.png Music-Mini2 photo Songs-mini2_zpsamp0zjev.png

Fluff #1
Fluff1 photo 300fluff01_zpsbowoushh.jpg

Fluff #2
Fluff2 photo 300fluff02_zpsfpg3sbkx.jpg

Fluff #3
Fluff3 photo 300fluff03_zpsb4d66y9v.jpg

Fluff #4
Fluff4 photo 300fluff04_zpswhouipba.jpg

Fluff #5
Fluff5 photo 300fluff05_zpsgzsz1toj.jpg

Fluff Mini #1 & #2
Fluff Mini1 photo 200fluff01_zpsqmftvymf.jpg Fluff Mini2 photo 200fluff02_zpsxd3sf5jr.jpg

Fluff Mini #3 & #4
Fluff Mini3 photo 200fluff03_zps1rylqneu.jpg Fluff Mini4 photo 200fluff04_zpsehmeylbn.jpg

Fluff Mini #5
Fluff Mini5 photo 200fluff05_zpsatkjr1tl.jpg

AU/Fusion #1
AU/Fusion1 photo 300aufusion01_zpsrareiyy9.jpg

AU/Fusion #2
AU/Fusion2 photo 300aufusion02_zpsv5ip9ein.jpg

AU/Fusion #3
AU/Fusion3 photo 300aufusion03_zpseynancva.jpg

AU/Fusion #4
AU/Fusion4 photo 300aufusion04_zpsb0y1b60z.jpg

AU/Fusion Mini #1 & #2
AU/Fusion Mini1 photo 200aufusion01_zpsyvt2mopu.jpg AU/Fusion Mini2 photo 200aufusion02_zpsybxtl2ha.jpg

AU/Fusion Mini #3 & #4
AU/Fusion Mini3 photo 200aufusion03_zpsfulaehxc.jpg AU/Fusion Mini4 photo 200aufusion04_zpszu7xnmm9.jpg

AU/Fusion Mini #5
AU/Fusion Mini5 photo 200aufusion05_zpsovvd0zki.jpg

Let us know here which card/s you're going to fill, and go forth and create! Any number of people can choose the same cards, but it would be nice to see all of the cards in play, so have a look at what others have chosen and see if you can do something different first.

Remember you have until the 8th March to have your prompts completed and posted/linked here at the comm! Have fun! ;-)

Note: some of the Fluff & Fusion cards are not showing up for me, but there's no reason why they shouldn't be - they're all hosted at the same Photobucket site. If any of you have issues seeing them, please let me know and I'll upload them to another site. Thanks! Have now rehosted all the Fluff & Fusion ones at my own Photobucket - hopefully they show up now, but as before if you have any issues seeing anything, let me know!
Tags: challenge: bingo
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