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BINGO prompts!

It's bingo month, and yeah, it's a late start for the prep, but if we all prompt like crazy, and some of the folks who have done them before help make the cards pretty, I figure we can be card claiming by the weekend.

[Card catagories]

So, this month's card categories shall (unless someone gives a really awesome suggestion) be :

Hurt (with or without comfort). Sometimes you just want to hurt a character (and maybe help them feel better), so give me your whumping prompts. Emotional as well as physical welcome.

Songs and lyrics. This can be a favorite line, or the title of a whole song that can inspire. I'm thinking of at least one card of just Epic Movie Soundtrack sort of music, which will be mostly orchestral.

AUs and fusions. Not so much crossovers as alternate worlds that your favorite characters could be re-imagined in. Broad settings (knights in shining armor!), fandoms that are easy to put other characters into (as a starship crew in Star Trek!) and world changes that can be layered over canon (vampires or BDSM... wait, BDSM vampires! In highschool! (take a breath, Kahuna)) are all options.

Fluff and meet cute. Plot prompts (short enough to fit in a bingo square) for sweet alternate meetings, or warm fuzzy moments for a couple. We're talking cards cuter than a kitten and baby bunny snuggling together while a corgi curls around them to keep them safe.

Pictures worth a million words. I was thinking for an image only card, that we could use more abstract images rather than those obviously from life. Like space shots, extreme closeups or motion captures, fractals, Escher-esqe sorts of things. The kind of image that just makes you say "wow," or possibly "whoa".

Kinky! Where would we be without sex and kink cards? They can range from your bulletproof PWP prompt to very dark setups. I will try to have at least one card of trigger-free prompts and possibly one of all dark porn.

Prompt! Prompt like the wind! (Thanks for helping with the late start, we'll go a bit into March to make up.)
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