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Rare Pair Round up!!!

You know what my favorite part of shopping is? Coming home and playing Look what I got!

Here we go:

afrozenflowerr - Faking It - Bangtan Boys Suga/Jin

alba17 - Wooing The Captain - MCU Loki/Steve

asphaltcowgrrl - The Education Of Thor - MCU Thor/Magazine Models

caz251 - Charmed And Disarmed - HP Filius Flitwick/Fleur Delacour

craterdweller - Not Like Spinach - SGA Rodney/Laura
Beautiful Minds - Stargate Daniel Jackson/Nicholas Rush

crookedspoon - Love Is A Many-Splintered Thing - Injustice Harleen Quinzel/Shazam

elasticella - The World Is Not Enough - Scandal Mellie/Olivia

fairyniamh - Vows - Teen Wolf Peter/Stiles

flipflop_diva - With A Little Love And Chicken Soup - MCU Natasha Romanoff/Sam Wilson

haldoor - Coffee Can Wait - H50 Danny/Charlie

heffermonkey - Lovers - H50 Mary McGarrett/Matthew Williams

katleept - Her Time - Supernatural/Happy Days Pamela/Fonz

hanorganaas - you wanna get inside my head? okay - Star Wars Poe Dameron/Han Solo

Quite the list!!!

If I've missed anything (and I most likely have), comment with a link and I'll get you in the list!

Tags: challenge: rare pairs

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