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Rare Pairs: Daniel Jackson/Nicholas Rush - Stargate-All (Beautiful Minds, T)

Title: Beautiful Minds
Fandom: Stargate-All
Pairings: Daniel Jackson/Nicholas Rush
Ratings: T
Word Count: 2811

Sorry guys. I sort of mixed up kaige68's request for Rodney McKay/Nicholas Rush and requests from both heffermonkey and kahuna_burger for Daniel Jackson/Rodney McKay and wound up with the pairing of Daniel Jackson/Nicholas Rush. The good news is, at least as far as A03 is concerned, it's a really, really rare pairing, LOL. Bad news, I'll have to put the other ideas onto the back burner as the month is up :D I didn't realize my error until last night, LOL. OOPS!

Link to read on A03.
Tags: challenge: rare pairs, creation: fic

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