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Weekend Challenge: Random Prompts and Movie Quotes

Happpppy Friiiiiiday!!!  (woo hoo!). It's time for our weekend challenge. Here's how we'll play it this time around!

Give me a number between one and thirty. I will use that number to give you two separate bits of inspiration:
1- A random prompt from a nifty grab bag i've assembled. There are some one liners in there, some scenarios, and also some lists of 'three random things.'
2- I'll pull you a quote from one of the movies rated to be in the top 100 ever (by some authority or other). I randomize this, too - so picking #1 or #30 will not necessarily mean a quote from the movie rated #1 or #30 -- I start at various points in the list and go up or down the list in order to vary things up. Hope that makes sense.

If the prompts don't work for you I might be able to give you a second draw - likely Saturday AM, once I see if I have enough to go around. If the prompts runeth dry, that second draw will be a random song from my Spotify list.

Rewards: Write 100 words or more and share them by Sunday 11pm Eastern and I'll either make you two icons or put 500 words on a WIP, said WIP of mine to absolutely be published and add to our countable words by next week.

So gimme a number, and good luck!!!

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