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Weekly 'dark' prompt/discussion... Interest, ideas?

So in the volunteer poll, I mentioned wanting to do a weekly prompt (and or discussion) on darker themes, and it was not rejected out of hand by mod types. So I thought I'd gauge wider interest (and maybe ask how you make a tag).
[long and rambling]

The idea would be a weekly topic of the sort that generally shifts your fic in the ratings by its prescence alone, which could spark fics, prompts of what you've always wanted to see in that area or writer/reader discussion of how it's used and what gradiations make it better/worse/hot/triggering/etc for you.

Obviously the posts would be spoiler-cut like whoa and we would need to strive to make any discussions judgement free zones within the context of fics. (And try to keep the topic on fic use). That is to say, discussing/using/reading a particular topic in fic does not make a person more mature, and at the same time, choosing not to does not make a person morally superior. I think this group is respectful and reasonable enough to pull it off, but if you think it's a train wreck waiting to happen, I'm totally open to hearing about it before I jump in.

Possible topics off the top of my head include not-so-Pretty-Woman prostitution, slavery, Stockholm Syndrome, incest of various types, underage of probably even more combinations, torture and nonconsensual drug use. Of course I'm open to suggestions on more (or less).

So... yeah. Thoughts?
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