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Weekend Challenge!

Hey everyone! It's the weekend, so it's time to get some more words out. This weekend I'm all about One Hit Wonders. I found a list of 100 'all-time best one-hit-wonder songs' floating about in my hard drive and while I may have used this before, choose a number you don't usually and you're bound to have a different title given to you for inspiration.

Use them how you will - find the song and/or lyrics and see what it leads you to, or simply use the words of the title to include in your fic or inspire you! Any fic of 500+ words or set of five icons or one banner/wallpaper posted or linked back here before midnight Sunday in your own local time will get a drabble or icon reward from me, or if you prefer I can add 100 words to one of my WIPs in your honour! Any fandom (or none), any genre!

Comment here with a number or numbers and I will give you a title! Dance off with the song title I give you and create! (I have to go out for an hour or so just now, so there will be a slight delay between posting this and coming back with your numbers)
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