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Comment Fic Friday

And here it is, another Friday, so let's start the ball rolling on 2016's Comment Fic friday posts. This year I'll be posting these prompts once a month, usually on the second or third Friday of the month.

banner-comment fic friday-med.jpg

And if you don't know how comment fic works, this is all you have to do: use the prompt given in whatever way you like for whichever characters from any fandom (or an original fic of your own) and write a ficlet of any genre (unless I direct a specific one, which may happen on occasion!) that will fit into a comment (or two) and post it as a reply to the Comment Fic entry (or link it if you get a bit carried away with size!). Typically, a comment fic is around 700-800 words long, but anything around 1000 words or less can still fit the bill.

Now, this month's prompt is:

Glass half-empty or half-full?

So whether it's about a couple of your favourite characters arguing the age-old question of whether the cup is half-empty or half-full, or maybe it's one person contemplating why his/her life always seems to leave them wanting when they could be celebrating what they do have, or some other thing that the prompt sets your muses onto, comment here with your fic!

No deadlines, no limits on posting or writing. If it's a snippet from something bigger, or that's all she wrote, we'd love to see it!

And for the graphics people, how many icons does it inspire you to squeeze into a comment? Or perhaps a sigtag or a small banner? Go for it! ;-)
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