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Behind on your word count?

Behind on your word/graphics goal? Not started your rare pair project? Want to catch up on Thursday Tropes or any of the other fantastic prompts? Or maybe you have a project of your own. Whatever your goal, join us for word wars/races (or whatever you prefer to call it).

I was doing fine until this week and now find myself behind in both words and graphics. So if you're free on Saturday (US Pacific) then join us! Doesn't matter if you stop in for one round or stay for all four, the more the merrier. Rounds are 25 minutes each with a ten minute break between each round.

Morning Session: Saturday Jan 23 - Round 1 starts at 6am Pacific Time (14:00 UTC)
Evening Session: Saturday Jan 23 - Round 1 starts at 5pm Pacific Time (Jan 24 01:00 UTC)

Note: I'm free most of the day on Saturday so if anyone wants/needs a different time - drop me a note and I'll see what I can do...
Tags: challenge: word race

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