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Getting 2016 underway... a little late!

Hi everyone! Welcome to our new members - we've had a few people join since 2016 got underway, and it's so nice to have them here with us, right everyone?

Just a few things to let you know where we're at so far. Rare Pairs challenge has started! It's running for all of January, so check it out and get those rare pairs moving! ;-)

Kaige and I are still working on scheduling - thanks to everyone who has offered their help for all the regular posts and challenges this year. Thanks too, to everyone who voted in the poll! We have a fair idea now of which things are the most popular, and we'll be working out anything that hasn't already started and letting you know about that soon enough. We'll be in touch with the volunteers as we finalise dates and such. Thanks to everyone for their patience!

Please note that we will have to skip a few things this year, but don't be disheartened if it's something you really love - we still have 'flash!' challenges from time to time, so they could pop up then, or if you'd like to run a 'flash!' yourself on any of them, don't be shy to ask Kaige or myself; we're pretty happy for this to happen at various points during the year!

I wanted to tell you that we had a bunch of great icons made for the advent post on the 25th of December, and many of them (sorry there wasn't room for all of them; I had to delete a few older ones to fit them in!) have now been added to our user pics page, so feel free to nab any of them for your own use; please credit the maker - their user name is listed there.

We really need to post all the bigger graphics we have too - both old and new - so I'll try and get a post for that done soon, and link it at the top left in the comm so anyone can access that to use at any stage as well.

Another thing I'm going to do is run another friending meme - you may remember us doing this a couple of times before, but it's a new year and we have new members! It's a great time to get to know them, and to find out about people who've been with us from the beginning when you may have forgotten some of their fandoms/interests. Watch this space!

I also wanted to know who's interested in a 2015 Brag Book? thtwzjustadream posted for everyone to add some of their 'most proud of' works for 2014, so if anyone would like to put up a similar post for 2015 please comment here, and we'll get you on to that ASAP. Everyone else, start thinking about those fics and graphics that you think you did a super job on last year, and collect up your links!

Lastly for now, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who contributed words and/or graphics last year: YOU GUYS ROCK! I'm so looking forward to another great year - and with our newbies on board and everyone else going for ONE MORE WORD than last year, we'll easily surpass that 15.9 million for 2015. Let's rock 18 million for 2016!!! GO, US!!! ;-)
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