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Birthday Challenge for 2016

Mmm I'm gonna do this because I love writing giftfics and it's only the first week of the year right now so we have time for sign-ups!

Rules are the same as 2015's:
1. Post a new comment below, using the template provided, to tell everyone when your birthday is and what you want as a gift. Please try to include at least one reasonably popular fandom for better matches! There's no limit on how many you can list.
2. All participants, please create at least 3-4 gifts for others throughout the year! Big or small, doesn't matter, so long as you do something. You wouldn't want some poor person to be without a gift, would you?

At the beginning of every month, there'll be a reminder post listing all the birthdays this month, and on the actual date there'll be a post where everyone can link or post their gifts.

Feel free to add to the list at any point in time during the year, so long as your birthday has yet to pass and you're willing to make gifts for others.


To quote haldoor from last year, "The more the merrier, remember, and don't be shy! Remember, every word counts towards our final goal for the year!"

15 Jan - angelus2hot
18 Jan - flipflop_diva
24 Jan - flyingharmony
09 Feb - lanalucy
02 Mar - severina2001
05 Apr - agdhani
18 Apr - katleept
27 Apr - mierke
19 May - theladymore
31 May - tkeylasunset
01 Jun - starry_wolf
14 Jun - lotrspnfangirl
17 Jun - candream
24 Jun - craterdweller
29 Jun - jesseofthenorth
14 Jul - guineamania
20 Jul - dracosdreamer
21 Jul - thtwzjustadream
14 Aug - haldoor
26 Aug - tellshannon815
29 Aug - llblckraincloud
9 Sep - simplyn2deep
9 Oct - kaige68
1 Nov - elasticella
7 Nov - shinysylver
13 Dec - kitmerlot1213


Jan. 8th, 2016 02:12 pm (UTC)
Birthdate (DD MMM): 01 Jun
Fandoms & pairings/characters you like (or original fiction):
- Full list here
- Main megafandoms: Star Wars (prefer Jedi Apprentice, Prequel Trilogy, Clone Wars and TFA), Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Bleach.
- Favourite characters: Kurosaki Ichigo, Urahara Kisuke, Shihouin Yoruichi, Cloud Strife, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Clint Barton, etc. - basically I have a predilection for either strong female characters or broken characters doing their best to hold themselves together/doing much better after past trauma, so even if they're not explicitly listed here, if you know I like the fandom and your character fits the bill then go ahead!
- Main ships: Kisuke/Ichigo (Bleach), Squall/Cloud (Square Enix), Phil/Clint (MCU), Derek/Stiles (Teen Wolf), James/Alec/Q (James Bond movies), and M/M original fiction. I rarely ship anything, and rarely hate any ship (anything that's safe+sane+consensual makes me happy, but there are sadly many canon pairings that have trouble with this aspect).
- M/M or Gen (yes I actually really like genfic)
Highest rating (Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit):
- Anything up to explicit is fine with me
- Any!
Prompts and/or special requests:
- Sassy quips, found families, BAMF characters, world-building, realism, missing scenes, hardcore angst (no happy ending required), "they're in a bad situation and they gotta get out of this alive" trope
- For ship-fic (platonic or romantic): soulmates (I find tattoos too cliche but don't mind it too much), reincarnation/parallel universes where they always find each other, established relationship, hurt/comfort
- Fanart for my fics are always welcome
- If making sigtags, please put Starrie Wolf / Team Clubs
- Characters being forced into embarrassing themselves in a socially awkward situation.
- Underage/dubcon/noncon/humiliation/abuse within the specified relationship.
- I'm not a fan of mundane-type fluff, but it's not a squick either.

Edited at 2016-01-24 04:43 pm (UTC)


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