kaige68 (kaige68) wrote in 1_million_words,

Miraculous Monday!

In cast you missed it, we made our goal for 2015. No biggie, right? Just 15.9 MILLION WORDS!

I am so thoroughly excited! I've been telling everyone. The guy at the pizza place tried to hide his excitement, but I could see it there.

But now it's a new Monday, new month, new year! And so far 'this year' the catch phrase I've been seeing is "EVEN MORE AWESOME". I can see this as us. I totally can.

HUGE thank you to H, who threw together some information gathering posts. Go forth and check them out if you haven't already. Here, here, and here. She is awesome and deserves some applause. In then next we or so we'll be going over everything and trying to spread some things out and get things scheduled.

I was supposed to post about this month's challenge and have failed miserably. There have been some issues at home, but I'm hoping to have the post up by the end of the day. The challenge this month is Rare Pairs, so think on that until I get things in gear.

Now, tell me how awesome you've been, and your awesome plans for this week/month/year!

And also pat yourselves on the back for a 2015 that reached its goals!!!!
Tags: monday: accolades
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