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And now, to the 2016 poll!

Here is the place to complete the poll and to comment regarding your ability to help out with anything we do here at 1_million_words.

EDIT: I apologise but this post will not work with the poll. I'll repost it in a NEW POST which I have linked here.

Please still comment in this post with anything you're willing to help with.

And if you are willing to help with any of the items polled, please comment in the appropriate thread below, using the form shown. Also note that some of the regular things we do already have someone running them, but they will comment to you if they would like additional help or would like to pass the item on to you fully, should you show an interest in one of these. Don't feel discouraged if they want to keep it; we have a lot of other things you can help with! Do comment in as many threads as necessary if you want to help with more than one thing. Thank you!

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