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A rundown of things we do here!

Hey everyone - as kaige68 has recently mentioned, we're busy working on 2016's Plan! And I see we have some new members for 2016, so welcome! Introduce yourselves by commenting here if you feel so inclined!

Now, we need YOUR help, as always. Anyone who's been with us for all three years so far will know the sort of thing we do; the things we need your input on. But if you're new, or just thinking of getting more involved in 2016, and you want an idea of what we've been doing to help YOU make words and graphics to go towards the count, then you may want to know what you're getting into! This post talks about the things we do.

I have posted again with a poll for you to vote for your favourite challenges and regular prompts and other items, and you can also comment in this post with the things you are willing to run or help out with.

•challenge: 100-in-100 - create either 100 words or 1 icon every day for 100 days
•challenge: 5+1 - create something where there are five times when this happened and one time when something else happened; a monthly challenge
•challenge: a to z - create a fic/graphic for each letter of the alphabet; this is usually done over 26 weeks
•challenge: advent - the 24/25 day countdown to Christmas where we create drabbles/icons
•challenge: august rush - 5 to 6 fandoms are chosen by members and each day for 20 weekdays there will be a large graphic from each fandom posted; create at least one icon/drabble per day; a monthly challenge for August
•challenge: big buddy - sign up to create your target for the month; check ins are about every 6 days; happens every month
•challenge: bingo - Bingo cards are created from prompts/themes chosen; create at least a drabble/icon for each prompt on your chosen card; a monthly challenge
•challenge: birthdays - create something for someone else's birthday & get something for your own; happens as members who sign up for it have their birthdays during the year
•challenge: blow me away - semi-regular prompts are offered every so often
•challenge: calendar - make graphics for page in a calendar for the year coming; monthly challenge near the end of the year
•challenge: color - semi-regular colors are offered every so often as a prompt
•challenge: comment fic - create a 700-800 word fic or a graphic that will fit in a comment; bi-weekly to monthly prompts happens on Fridays
•challenge: crack me up - semi-regular prompts are offered every so often
•challenge: create a tv show - design and cast your own TV show; a monthly challenge
•challenge: crossovers - create a longer fic/larger graphic crossing two fandoms; a monthly challenge
•challenge: cry me a river - semi-regular prompts are offered every so often
•challenge: drabble/icon - anything where we create drabbles/icons from prompts offered; happens randomly
•challenge: fandom squee - a chance to expound on a fandom you want to encourage others to join; happens randomly
•challenge: flash! - a quick challenge that can happen at any time
•challenge: graphic connections - anyone posts a graphic from an initial prompt, then a new graphic is created by someone else that is connected in some way to the previous one; has been random but could be a monthly challenge
•challenge: haldoor's birthday - create something for our lovely mod in August when it's her birthday
•challenge: hurt me heal me - semi-regular prompts are offered every so often
•challenge: intl fanworks day - create something quick and short, or several of them; an annual thing
•challenge: kaige's birthday - create something for our lovely mod in October when it's her birthday
•challenge: meme - any kind of meme that will inspire words; ask your mods about posting these at any time
•challenge: nano! - encouragement for people doing NaNoWriMo and the mini-version, and we add in our own semi-nano for those who want to play informally; a monhtly challenge for November
•challenge: numbers - semi-regular prompts are offered every so often
•challenge: original fic - any kind of challenge involving only original fic; could happen any time
•challenge: pool party - create something in a fandom you haven't played in before; a monthly challenge
•challenge: rainy days and mondays - semi-regular prompts are offered every so often
•challenge: rare pairs - create something for a rare pairing within a fandom or crossover; a monthly challenge
•challenge: round robin - someone starts a story in a given fandom & others add to it until it's a complete story; a monthly challenge
•challenge: rp saturday - a place to play any role-play characters of your own with other RPers; has happened a couple of times but could be more regular if there's interest
•challenge: scenes - scenes from a hat: ask and ye shall receive a scene to write about; can be random
•challenge: slow sated sunday - semi-regular prompts are offered every so often
•challenge: songfic - create something based on a song or songs, or simply from a title or part of a lyric; a monthly challenge
•challenge: swap of joy - a fic/graphic exhange to celebrate reaching the end of another year; a monthly challenge
•challenge: thursday tropes - semi-regular prompts are offered every so often
•challenge: torrid tuesday - semi-regular prompts are offered every so often
•challenge: wip push - finish something you've had hanging aroound for way too long; usually a monthly challenge
•challenge: word race - a race with other members to make as many words as possible in a short space of time; has been random but will probably become more regular

•daily: count challenge - a dictionary word prompt; happens daily
•friday: say what? - a quote from somewhere -book, movie, philosophy - is offered as a prompt; happens on a Friday, but hasn't for a while, obviously!
•monday madness: coming attractions - somewhere you can talk about stuff coming to your world, be it a movie, TV show, book, musical act, whatever; Mondays every so often
•monday madness: original fic - we talk about original fic, maybe offer a challenge or excerpt from something for others to see; Mondays every so often
•monday madness: pimpin' - somewhere to pimp other comms or places that you love or have recently discovered; Mondays every so often
•monday madness: recs - somewhere to rec fanfic that you love; it may have a subject given or just be general; Mondays every so often
•monday: musical motivation - musical inspiration prompts; Mondays every so often
•thinky thoughts: fandom squee - a chance to share your love for a particular fandom; no particular frequency
•thinky thoughts: image - thoughts and ideas for graphics people; no particular frequency
•thinky thoughts: interview - we interview one of our members; no particular frequency
•thinky thoughts: writing thoughts and ideas about writing; no particular frequency
•thursday: one video - a video prompt, it may be one fandom or many; Thursdays every so often
•tuesday: au! - prompts for AU stories; Tuesdays every so often
•tuesday: critique - image - a discussion post about image-making, can be about techniques or questions; Tuesdays every so often
•tuesday: critique - writing - a discussion post about writing, can be about techniques or questions; Tuesdays every so often
•tuesday: one song - a song prompt; Tuesdays every so often
•tuesday: tips - sharing of any kind of creation tip that may be useful to others; Tuesdays every so often
•wednesday: one image - a still picture prompt; Wednesdays every so often
•weekend: challenge - a prompt fest, usually accompanied by rewards for anyone who fulfills the challenge within the weekend; happens weekly

If anything confuses you or you want to know more, please ask here! There is no such thing as a dumb question, although please check our FAQ page first, in case the answer is already there! ;-)
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