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On the subject of counting

I LOVE that we are such a diverse group. I enjoy that everyone motivates differently and that we each do our best to try and get our own projects done and egg people into doing their projects! I like that we all find out way differently.

It is never more evident, this diversity of our comm, than when I am counting up numbers. Some people are just Boom!, some people show and link their work, some people make graphs and charts and spreadsheets. It is all good, and I really REALLY don't want to discourage any of it! How you do it is part of the original person you are! I love it!

That said, it makes it difficult to count. I don't want to start a "You must report this way" regime. H and I just want to know what we're counting. To that end, the counters this year contain the phrase "Kaige, count this". Continue to do all your magic, show your work, craft your pie charts, MAKE IT HAPPEN, I'm just looking for an arrow that says 'count this #'.

If you repeat the phrase when you post your next comment or add the next month, I would ask that you code in a strike through on the old numbers (that is a < and > on either side of the word strike with a / on the last one) just so I know the number is outdated.

What I count:
Every month I add up each member's totals for their written words and then the totals for their graphic words. When I have totals for the comm, I subtract the previous month's amount to know what our increases were. It's really very simple, but when I have to sift through all the comments and devise which numbers to use... So yeah, we're asking for a sign post this year.

Thank you, and may the words be with you! 2016 is our year!!!
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