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Word Wars 6am (PST) or 2PM UTC edition

Hey everyone :) Hope that for all those that were celebrating yesterday that you had a wonderful and relaxing day. But now it's time to put those fingers back to work!

Round 1 06:00 am PST (14:00 UTC) - 06:25 am PST (14:25 UTC)
Round 2 06:35 am PST (14:35 UTC) - 07:00 am PST (15:00 UTC)
Round 3 07:10 am PST (15:10 UTC) - 07:35 am PST (15:35 UTC)
Round 4 07:45 am PST (15:45 UTC) - 08:10 am PST (16:10 UTC)

We can do this!

We'll be starting in about 20 min :)

Final tally:
kaige68: 900 words (6 completed works)
alba17: 513 words
ncisvu_lj: 1349 words
guineamania: 666 words (completed goal for day)
craterdweller: 684 words (completed WIP)
TOTALS: 4112 words plus lots of stuff cleared off plates!!


And if you missed this one, there will be these others this weekend:

Sat 7pm Pacific Time which is Sun 3AM (03:00) UTC run by me
Sunday 10am CST and going until 12pm CST run by sharpiesgal
Sunday 6pm CST and going until 8pm CST run by sharpiesgal

Plenty of time to get that one more word :D
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