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Advent Day 23

WOOHOO! I am completely loving the graphics people are doing for Advent! You guys are amazing! I keep loving everyone in this bar more and more!

Now, time to dish up my second helping of icons for the challenge, and this time I went all out, with 20 for The Flash and 12 for Empire, so I hope there's some in there that are up to the high standard you guys are all setting! And can I just say that The Flash has the prettiest cast, ever! ;-)

I have mostly focused on the three brothers together, on Jamal alone and with his boyfriend Michael, and on the wonder that is Cookie, as well as one of the whole family and the Cookie with Lucious that was too hard to resist. ;-)

Hope you guys are looking forward to the 25th and everything you all come up with for what the comm is to you! I got mine ready today! ;-)
Tags: challenge: advent, creation: image

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