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Slow Sated and Sunset


oh! Where do the weeks go? Seriously, where? I can't even believe it's the turn of another season, and we are bidding farewell to Slow Sated Sundays. :(. But since we are, let's literally sunset it...

Your prompt this week: Slow, sated, and watching the sun set

Write us a fic where your characters have made a whole, languid day of it. Maybe they're watching the living room slowly get dark on the next-to-shortest day of the year. Maybe they're watching it from a beach blanket on the longest day of the year?

Wherever they are, Sunday is slipping away - and maybe other things are too? Good memories? Bad ones? Fears or hopes for the future? Their time together? Gah... yeah, gotta get some angst in there, sometimes, too.

However it goes, tell us a tale of slow, sated and almost out of there!

PS- am gonna take a week off for the holidays and travel, and will be back on 12/31 with a season full of Tropey Thursday prompts!

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