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A to Z Challenge: Y is for Yap!

Title: No Need For Words
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Xena, Warrior Princess
Character/Pairing: Xena/Gabrielle
Rating: R/M
Challenge/Prompt: 1_million_words A to Z Challenge: Y
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 825
Date Written: 19 December, 2015
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

"So, then, he says to me, 'No, she's not. Hercules is the best,' which we both know is just total crap. I mean, sure Herc trained you and all on being a good guy at first, but you totally whipped him and Iolaus both when you first met him. You even turned them against each other, which, of course, isn't a good thing, but it does show how good you are -- well, not good necessarily, but skilled. Yeah, totally skilled.

"And you know what else this guy had the nerve to say, Xena? He said you couldn't possibly be as good as Hercules because he's a demigod and you're just a mortal which, of course, I told him just makes your accomplishments all that more meaningful because you are mortal and you've managed all these great things and faced death so many times despite being completely mortal. You didn't have Hercules' strength to help you, just real human strength.

"Which still wasn't enough for him! Oh, no! He had to go and say that human or not, you still can't be as good as Hercules, because you're a woman! Do you believe that? Such male chauvinistic behavior in this day and age! I'd had enough of his crap by then, but he wasn't shutting up, so I told him I'm a woman and I can take him! And thanks totally to your training, I did! I had his feet out from under him before he ever got up from the table, which he said was cheating, so I had to beat his butt a second time but I did it. He really lost face in front of everybody there, all his friends and every one, and the bartender, who's a woman too, gave me free drinks for the rest of the time you were gone!

"So where did you go, huh? Were you going after something or to meet some one or what? You know you never did tell me. Whatever it is, I hope it was a success, but I guess it was since you're back now. Are you going to tell me or not?"

Xena sighs silently. She loves the other woman, but Gabrielle can talk for hours and literally has been doing just that ever since she picked her up from the tavern this morning. She hasn't hushed yet or given her a chance to say anything. She opens her mouth to answer her, but Gabrielle's talking again.

"You don't have to if you don't want to. It's not like I'm gonna tell anybody, but it's your business really. I don't feel like we should have any secrets between each other, but I know there are some things you want to keep private, and I totally get that. Really, I do, so if you don't wanna tell me -- "

Xena sighs again and slips soundlessly from Argo's back. When Gabrielle's yapping like this, there's only one way to shut her up. "Gabrielle," she interjects.

Gabrielle jumps. "You know, Xena, if you're going to just jump down like that, you could give me a warning sometimes, but then why didn't you stop us to dismount? Is something wrong?" Her green eyes dart around at the surrounding trees. "Are there bad guys here somewhere? Thieves about to be stupid enough to jump us?" She motions with her staff. "Well, come on already and make your mistake!" she calls out. "Xena can kick any one's -- "

"Gabrielle!" Xena calls her name again. Stepping swiftly in front of her, she places one hand on her staff and the other cupping her chin. Her fingers curl around her cheek while her thumb lifts her chin. Her lips descend rapidly upon hers. She can feel Gabrielle trying to say something else, her green eyes widening, and deepens the kiss. She's going to have silence one way or another, and thanks to her bard and her reluctance to cease talking, she's going to get her silence and much more.

She grins against her mouth, tongue swooping in, as she pushes down on Gabrielle's staff. Gabrielle drops it; Xena steps over the wood and closes the distance between their bodies. Her free hand slides underneath Gabrielle's brown, leather skirt, making the blonde jump against her. She starts to try to talk again, but Xena's tongue is still in her mouth, keeping her silent.

Xena's fingers slide against Gabrielle's tender skin, caressing her calf as she moves up. Gabby's still tense, still yearning to chatter, until Xena's skilled fingers thrust up into her cervix. Xena's mouth silences Gabrielle's excited yelp, and finally, her Gabby melts into the Warrior Princess' arms. Even for her, there's suddenly no further need for talk. Xena smiles, accomplished, against Gabrielle's lips and leads her gently down to the cool, green grass where she proceeds to show her just much she missed her during her travel and how much, between them, there's never really any need for words.

The End
Tags: challenge: a to z, creation: fic

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