flipflop_diva (flipflop_diva) wrote in 1_million_words,

Swap of Joy for guineamania!

Happy Holidays, Guineamania! I wrote you a fic and then made you a few sigtags you can use at Avland. I hope you like everything! (Although if you want anything changed, please let me know!).

And I hope you have a wonderful holiday season <3333

Title: A Home for the Holidays
Fandom: MCU
Characters: Clint/Laura, Natasha, Steve, Wanda, Lila, Cooper and baby Nathaniel
Word Count: 2,045
Summary: Sometimes the best thing you can give a few lost Avengers is a place to stay for the holidays. Luckily for them, Laura provides a bit more than that.

Don’t be mad.


Tags: challenge: swap of joy

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