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Joy of Swap for heffermonkey

Title: Mistletoe and Red Ribbon (posted at my story journal sagas_stories)
Fandom, Characters: Hawaii 5-O, Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams
Rating, warning: NC-17, bottom!Steve, slight au
Used prompt: #14 Misteltoe, table posted here as the masterlist
Word count: 1904
Authors note: See the masterlist for all stories.
This story is for heffermonkey for the Swap of Joy at 1_million_words; I may not have gone all the way on the wish, but I hope it is okay anyway. I was close to not getting anything at all. 
The dialogue may be a little out of character, as some words I know might seem more likely to be spoken by other characters. See those as a tribute to those characters, and you can always try to guess which ones may have said them.

Summary: It’s hectic during the Christmas month, but unknown to Danny, Steve has planned a special weekend for them. Hopefully undisturbed.
Tags: challenge: swap of joy

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