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Gramma Lunacy

Swap of Joy for ELASTICELLA

If this challenge was about pushing the boundaries, I did that, for sure.

elasticella, though I share ships and shows with you, none of them are shows I write for, so I had to go with graphics. I have very little graphics experience, so I tried to make things I would like if I were getting them. I hope you like them, too.

Without further ado:

I chose to focus on Leverage, and finding the pictures I wanted was a challenge in and of itself.

I made you a total of six icons, two Tumblr graphics, one miscellaneous graphic, and one wallpaper.

They are all hosted here.

Breakfast and Bruises Icon photo 92f8adf8-3052-44fc-8edd-1f81db87ca04_zpstqoeaka3.png

Teambuilding Icon photo 45579a40-2a28-44b8-b4ca-062e8bcc7789_zpsb0nph05s.jpg

Eliot Parker Hands Icon photo 6c5d8462-ef5d-4cf4-9fc7-bbca688de8c6_zpsu2blkeb7.jpg

Parker Hardison Wedding Icon photo a5503d70-4a49-4ce9-b2c0-4e3d9a6c9f1d_zpsokj7yjci.jpg

Eliot Parker Icon photo ddb0ce76-751e-44f1-8171-b4c2a675a0b8_zps62jes14n.jpg

Hitter and Heartbreaker Icon photo ae34ec6a-4c30-4e1e-bed0-15e96c73bcdd_zpsltvjlxaz.jpg

Hitter and Heartbreaker Tumblr photo 5ce5d556-6293-452b-9414-0a4cbd1f12e5_zpsr1qmwqg9.jpg

Parker and Hardison PDA misc graphics photo 33d30760-5a0d-4266-9988-56b2a3dc9a68_zpstr2qml3d.jpg

Teambuilding photo 6811b159-4049-44b4-86dd-439a22efc8a8_zps0vsnbvlc.jpg

 photo 6c1de5df-5bca-498f-ba2c-4c50f0759692_zpsovsdgdh0.jpg

Tags: challenge: swap of joy
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