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Beta needed for 12 days WIPness

I've never worked with a beta before (shocking and probably horrible I know) so please feel free to comment/PM me if something needs clarifying.

I've got a WIP that I'd like to complete during the 12 days of WIPness Currently it is at about 6500 words but will likely get a lot shorter.

- Looking for a spelling, grammar, punctuation once over
- General characterization or plot hole problems/omissions or if there's something that could be cut. If you're comfortable with that.
- This is a post-series SG-1 fic. Sam/Jack with a rating that could go as high as mature for consensual het sex. Familiarity with SG-1 helpful but not necessary.
- I prefer to use Google Drive, but can email at rtf formatted doc if needed (I'm on a Mac).
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