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When there is too much to do and then there is more

Disclaimer: I tell you this, not for sympathy or to be cheered up, but to show that it does happen to everyone.

It's that time of the year. *sigh*

I don't mean the one with the huge spirit of giving and good will toward all men. Although it is. I mean the one where we take on way too much. WAY TOO MUCH. There's buying and wrapping and shipping. There is cleaning and planning and baking. On top of it are parties with friends, then there are parties with people you don't know and parties with people you wish you didn't. Everyone you run into is just a little more stressed, and a little more short tempered, which makes us feel that much more stressed and short tempered.

And inevitably, in the middle of it all someone asks you for something. And it's something that on your average spring Tuesday is no big deal, but right now it is the last freaking straw. No, it doesn't seem like it should be that much but you just want to scream Shut up, B*&$#%! I know you want more words!

Worse, if you are like me, is that we did it to our selves. *sigh*

Years ago I decided that making cookies would be a nice gift instead of buying gifts. But the cookie list quickly got out of hand. AND it didn't lessen the list of purchased gifts, as friends meaning to compliment me told me how much they looked forward to the cookies and the cookie containers. For a few years I was making over 1500 cookies in a cookie season that ran from Thanksgiving to New Year's. Sure I've wheedled the list down, but it's still in the 800 cookie range.

Then, because I am predictable and ridiculous, I've taken on knitting for everyone as gifts instead of buying. News flash - YARN ISN'T CHEAP! But yeah, I've been actively knitting Christmas gifts since February. There are so many projects that aren't done and aren't near done, that I've actually told a number of people that they won't get their gifts in time, while I'm scrambling to get a select few finished.

ON TOP of it all, that B*&$#%! at 1MW wants me to make all the words to try and out-do last year's total. See, I totally do it to myself.

So my day is now, get up early, write something knit a few stitches, go into work early (and did I mention that it's plow season at work too), try to write more while I'm there, work late, rush home, knit until close to midnight, get up, rinse, repeat. The weekend after next is cookie weekend. I'll buy all the stuff on the 18th, bake from 7 to noon on the 19th, christmas party, birthday party (4 of them this month), bake from 7 to 7 on the 20th. Then it's back to the knitting, buying, wrapping scramble for 4 days.

I'm actively looking forward to only writing from then to the end of the year.

I know, I know. One thing at a time and when it gets here, it gets here. Happy Bluesday.
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