Lizet Elaine (simplyn2deep) wrote in 1_million_words,
Lizet Elaine

Advent Day 6: Teen Wolf and The Maze Runner

I had such high exciting hopes for this...but then my internet crapped out on me and I thought I would have to post these tomorrow when it was working properly again. But I'm working off my horrible connection with my phone.

I'm proud of the 25 icons I managed to do, anyway.

Teen Wolf
Stiles Stilinski
 photo Stiles01_zpsx2gwclqk.jpg  photo Stiles02_zpsxzixp6pz.jpg  photo Stiles03_zpsdgzlgmmq.jpg

 photo Stiles04_zps99mqeimt.jpg  photo Stiles05_zpsia3am7o3.jpg

Derek Hale
 photo Derek01_zpsjg80qzcg.jpg  photo Derek02_zps552uowqr.jpg  photo Derek03_zpsqf3sdd62.jpg

 photo Derek04_zpsz64yti6k.jpg  photo Derek05_zps5z3cdsfj.jpg


 photo Sterek01_zpsyolwbkjq.jpg  photo Sterek02_zpszwlt1qgg.jpg  photo Sterek03_zpsb52wf5zn.jpg

The Maze Runner
 photo Thomas01_zpslpsq9bs0.jpg  photo Thomas02_zpsqqpcojuz.jpg  photo Thomas03_zpsggwkm9wo.jpg

 photo Minho01_zpsetwynypy.jpg  photo Minho02_zps53rg8rre.jpg  photo Minho03_zpse0jb16ur.jpg

 photo Newt01_zps42knuq2i.jpg  photo Newt02_zpskudadhzj.png  photo Newt03_zps8p0znqwc.jpg

Thomas & Minho
 photo ThomasMinho01_zps4dagjrgc.jpg  photo ThomasMinho02_zpsx5aui05d.png

Thomas & Newt
 photo ThomasNewt_zps0iqntalr.jpg
Tags: challenge: advent, creation: image

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