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Advent 2015 - Day 5 (CSI & The Wizard of Oz)

Sorry for the delay! Today was clearly not my day to be in front of the computer

I bring you a cast icon for each of the CSI series -- I had wanted to do one for each variation of the cast, but was having no luck at finding cast photos. Thanks for nothing, Google. o.O

CSI | CSI Miami | CSI:NY | CSI Cyber

EDIT: Adding in some old holiday icons because.. why not.

And, since it is Grissom's idea of a good date movie (when paired with Pink Floyd), icons for each of the major versions of The Wizard of Oz*

original book art | The Wizard of Oz | The Wiz | Return to Oz
Wicked | Tin Man | Muppets Wizard of Oz

*I know I left out at least four, though I don't know how major the one version really was...
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