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X xmas stories will be posted off me

One project I set to do for myself this year (with a little start in 2014) was to write 25 (or so) stories around and for Christmas. The wish was to do all 25 for this year, but as my writing haven't been that great I set to be happy for those I could and then hope that the remaining will be done to next year. I've come to number twelve, so all will not be posted this year.

I made up a prompt table to use (you find it at the masterlist), then I decided to revisit my other stories - or use the Universe I written in, mixed between fandoms and characters. I don't need to have written any long story for it to use it, just have fun to see what might have happened or need to be told. Though there can be one or another fandom that sneak in any way that can be fairly new (or I haven't posted yet of because I haven't get the stories betad).

Today I managed to finally start posting the stories (in my story journal sagas_stories) and I hope to be able to post them every other day (as long as I have them betad - I do need some to be done, so if you want to help I'll be happy).

Masterlist for all stories is posted here, which will be updated after I post them.

To the very first story that is called Expecting and is visiting an Universe I started for a challenge done to celebrate Viggo Mortensen, turning 50. Here with Orlando Bloom. A warning though; in the universe is mpreg.
You find the story here.

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