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NaNo the final hours

We're down to the final hours - those on the other side of the dateline are already into their final day, those on this side have a little over 24 hours to go.

Sending wishes for words for those working on their final push!

So how did everyone do? Feel free to dance/sing/rant about your experiences. Did you like your project(s)? Do you plan on editing/adding to it after some much needed time away? Was it original work or fandom related? Will you likely be participating again next November?

Let's hear how you did :D

Thanks to kaige68 and haldoor for letting me run a bunch of NaNo related posts this month. I've been participating in NaNoWriMo off and on since 1999 (although I still haven't updated my profile since they revamped the official site) and I can honestly say this year has been the most fun.
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